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The Horsepond Restoration Project

Phase 1 of the project...

Project Update 30th August 2019
Over the course of the month we have added a few more plants to the pond enabled through plant donations from members of the community. 
The sluices have now been  repaired and replaced with thanks to Andy Wake.
Many thanks also to Rob Comer from Hadspen Quarry for donating some sizeable pieces of stone enabling us to create a couple of really nice stone islands both a feature and a great habitat for wildlife. Pictures


Project Update 20th July 2019
A busy end to the week with the completion of phase 1 of the planting. Dorset Lily Company supported by the volunteers spent a couple of days planting up sections of the pond. It might look a bit sparse at the moment but once the plants establish themselves they will soon fill in the space. We are hoping that by this time next year it will be looking really good. Pictures




Project Update 25th June 2019
Target Met! 
The volunteers would like to show their appreciation to everybody who has supported the restoration project. In just  four months we have managed to raise over 6,000. A massive thank you to all who  have contributed in so many ways . 
Phase 1 will begin next month  around the  17th July.
Let the planting commence!


Project Update 9th May 2019
It was great to meet so many people by The Horsepond last Saturday during the Eat Cary festival. We managed to raise another 270 through donations on the day so thank you.
We are now in planning discussions with the Dorset Water Lily Company and are hoping to start the first phase of the planting of the pond late May early June, so watch this space..
We have updated the "thank-you" page with the names of all those who have contributed so far to the project.
Best wishes, The Horsepond Restoration Project volunteers.

Project Update 24th April 2019
We are delighted to report that we have received  over 4000 in donations since the launch of the project. We can now start planning phase 1 of the planting which we are hoping to start in the next 6 to 8 weeks. 
We will be in and around The Horsepond on 4th May during the Eat Cary Festival. Please pop along and say hello and we will be happy to give you a personal update on the project. The target is almost achieved.
Thank you again for all your support.

Project Update 12th April 2019
It's been just over a month since the launch of the project and we have received in  excess of  3,500 in donations.
Please keep donating as the target is almost in our reach. 
Thank you from The  Horsepond Restoration Project Volunteers.

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